WG Return on Compliance

Join our new ECS Working Group that will address the question which continues to elude the compliance community after many years: can one quantify the benefits of compliance? And if so, how best? The goal is to go beyond measuring the costs of non-compliance and probe into measuring the return of the investment on compliance. This Working Group will seek to deliver evidence of such return.

This Working Group is open to all, with preference to ECS members.  It will be carried out jointly with the HSLU/IFZ and others who may wish to contribute. The group’s lead will be Philipp Lüttmann and Thomas Birrer, with participation also by a representative from the ECS Board.

Working Group Update: Return on Compliance

After the working group’s inaugural session earlier this year, the initiative was taken to discuss the innovation project’s objectives and challenges with various stakeholders. These conversations led to an evolved scope of the project and HTW Chur joining as a second research partner. While the working group’s core members will define the objectives and deliverables, we are now looking for companies interested in facilitating the innovation project as implementation partners.

The project will analyse the effects of compliance investments on cash flows and the business. It will also identify the key drivers of compliance returns. This will help the company in efficiently allocating resources and demonstrate the positive impact of systematic compliance management.

As an implementation partner you can participate in the project, define its scope and have early access to the results. For modelling and drawing conclusions, the research partners will need internal company information, such as compliance budget, FTE count etc. However, this data will be made anonymous — which is the well-established approach used in various other Innosuisse projects — and cannot be traced back to you by company outsiders. As an implementation partner, you will receive a report tailored to your business.

If you would like to become an implementation partner, please contact Philipp Lüttmann, Thomas Birrer or Christian Hauser.

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