WG Return on Compliance

Join our ECS Working Group that will address the question which continues to elude the compliance community after many years: Can one quantify the benefits of compliance? And if so, how best? The goal is to go beyond measuring the costs of non-compliance and probe into measuring the return of the investment on compliance. This Working Group will seek to deliver evidence of such return.

We accompany a research project carried out by HTW Chur (Christian Hauser) and IFZ Hochschule Luzern (Mirjam Durrer). The project is supported by several Swiss companies as practice partner. The Working Group supports the research with own ideas, professional inputs and critical questions. The researchers will update us regularly on their results. Every ECS Working Group member has thus the chance to influence the ongoing research.

The results will be an important argument for compliance managers in every company. The target is to give evidence to justify personnel and budgets for compliance departments.

This Working Group is open to ECS members, you may attend once a working group for free. We are looking for active members for the working group and the target is to start a dialogue on best practice procedures.

The group’s lead is Sandra Middel and Stefan Behringer.

Upcoming events                 Past events 

These are the upcoming dates for our Annual General Meetings:

Thursday, 20 March 2025
Thursday, 19 March 2026

If you are an ECS member, you are cordially invited to our Annual General Meetings! Each AGM is followed by discussion on current compliance topics and an networking Apèro.