Whistleblower has become worn down by management of the University Hospital of Zurich

When in December 2019, a whistleblower at the University Hospital of Zurich (hereinafter “USZ”) made serious accusations against the head of the Heart Clinic, Francesco Maisano, the management of the USZ initially decided to dismiss this whistleblower. When the matter was made public by research of the Tamedia group, he was brought back and re-employed. This can be interpreted as a try to rebuild lost trust in the USZ leadership. Since internal tensions arose after his reinstatement, the USZ management dismissed the whistleblower again, de facto putting him on the same level as the former head of the Heart Clinic, who also had to leave.
According to media articles, it could be expected that conflicts would arise between the whistleblower and doctors supporting Mr Maisano. It is mentioned that the two camps were let loose on each other; safeguards, such as professional mediation were missing. However, pursuant to the USZ, many things at the USZ have or will be improved – thanks to the whistleblower’s clues. Against the background of this case, Ethics and Compliance Switzerland will continue its engagement for effective protection of whistleblowers in Switzerland.

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