U.K. financial regulator launches campaign to encourage whistleblowing

The U.K. Financial Conduct Authority, U.K.’s financial regulator (hereinafter “FCA”), announced that it encourages individuals to come forward if they have information on possible wrongdoing. At the same time, the FCA launched a new campaign that clarifies the whistleblowing process at the agency.

The campaign, “In confidence, with confidence”, shall encourage individuals working in financial services to report potential wrongdoing to the FCA. The FCA has also published materials for companies to share with employees, as well as using its events to highlight the campaign. It has also produced a digital toolkit for industry bodies, consumer groups and whistleblowing groups to encourage individuals to have confidence to report wrongdoing.

According to the FCA, whistle-blowers that report to the FCA shall have a dedicated case manager allowing them to meet with the FCA to discuss their concerns and to receive optional regular updates throughout an investigation. At the same time, the FCA emphasizes in its press release that every report the FCA receives would be reviewed and that the FCA would protect individual whistle-blowers’ identities.

Find the press release of the FCA here.

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