The biggest cybersecurity risks could be inside of organisations

Today more than 300 mio. people are working remotely — creating, accessing, sharing, and storing data wherever they go — and data breaches arising from insider threats and simple mishaps can cost businesses an average of USD 7.5 mio. annually. Ultimately it doesn’t matter if a breach is intentional or accidental. Insider risk programs should be part of every company’s security strategy.

According to Bret Arsenault, former chief information security officer with Microsoft, organizations should lead with their employees as partners in the effort and supplement their program with advanced tools that detect and mitigate insider risks wherever they arise. In an article recently published in the Harvard Business Review, the author offers four lessons he’s learned as Microsoft’s chief information security officer: Thus, to be successful, organization should i) prioritize employee trust and privacy, ii) collaborate across functions, iii) recognize that employees are the first and last line of defense, and iv) use machine learning tools to do more with less. Ultimately, the author concludes that a successful insider risk program focuses on the people, processes, and technologies.

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