Strengthened EU export controls rules entering into force

On 9 September 2021, the EU’s new Export Control Regulation came into force, tightening controls on trade in dual-use goods and technologies. It covers goods for many civilian purposes but also goods that can used for defence, intelligence, and law enforcement purposes but may also be misused for human rights violations. This includes nuclear and special materials, telecommunications, electronics and computers, space/aerospace and marine equipment, but also certain chemicals, machines, technologies, software, or technologies like 5G networks, robotics 3D printing and quantum computing. Due to the dual-use possibility of these products, the new regulation is therefore also called “Dual-Use Regulation”.

Economic operators therefore must implement the new regulation domestically and adapt their compliance measures under foreign trade law or create new structures. Exports from the EU to Switzerland are also covered by the new regulation in its Annex II.


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