Walter Mäder

Board MemberCo-Chair Working Group WhistleblowingUntil his retirement end of 2018, Walter Mäder was a prosecutor with the Federal Office of the Attorney General. As a result of a reorganization of the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland (OAG), the existing 2 Departments for white-collar crime were merged. Walter Mäder became responsible of the field international corruption in the whole OAG in 2015. He was responsible for several major international corruption cases, either as a trial prosecutor or as the taskforce leader. He represents the OAG in the Working Group of Bribery (OECD) in Paris. Walter Mäder specialized on economic crime with a focus on foreign bribery cases and anti-money laundering. Walter Mäder has already lectured at national and international congresses and other occasions on his favorite subject. Within the DAS Compliance Management course of the University of Lucerne, he lectures on international corruption.