Prof. Dr. iur. Claudia Seitz, M.A. (London), Attorney

Co-Chair Working Group Life Sciences
Prof. Dr. Claudia Seitz is Visiting Professor at the University of Ghent, Lecturer for Health, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Law at the University of Basel, Lecturer for Biotechnology Law at the University of Bonn and Scientific and Legal expert in the international project on genetic resources of the Leibniz Institute DSZM. Claudia Seitz is also Partner with Seitz & Riemer Attorneys-at-Law a law firm specialized in life sciences law since 1999. She is member of the advisory boards of the German Association of Synthetic Biology (GASB) and the European Association for Health Law (EAHL). Claudia Seitz has been Assistant Professor for Health, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Law at the University of Basel (2014-2019), Scientific Advisor at the Swiss Federal Administrative Court in St. Gallen, (2012-2014), Counsel for a Swiss multinational life sciences company in Basel (2002-2010) and Associate with an international law firm in Brussels (1998-1999). Claudia Seitz holds a PhD from the University of Basel and a Postgraduate Diploma as well as a Master degree (M.A.) from King's College London. She studied law at the Universities of Freiburg in Germany, Basel and Strasbourg with study and research visits in Helsinki, Florence, Harvard, Washington and New York and graduated from the University of Freiburg and after her First and Second State Exams, she has been admitted to the Bar. Claudia Seitz is a member of several academic and professional associations, has published numerous articles and books and is a regular speaker at national and international conferences. Claudia Seitz co-chairs the ECS Working Group Life Sciences together with Patrick Wellens.