Pandemic to highlighting the potential of collective action for integrity in healthcare

The global disruption from COVID-19 to health and economic systems has magnified risks to preserving business integrity that will have longstanding impact. As a result, the pandemic is drawing significant attention to several of the world’s largest Collective Action initiatives that are reinforcing ethical business conduct in healthcare. How the integrity of healthcare systems and the ethical conduct of stakeholders emerge from the pandemic will depend a great deal on the success of these and other major Collective Action initiatives. Will standards for business integrity in healthcare decline or fracture? Will most economies return to a pre-crisis status quo? Or will best practices across our health systems re-emerge stronger than ever before?

Andrew Blasi and Katherine Nunner from Crowell & Moring International present and describe in a new article published on the website of the Basel Institute of Governance several of the world’s largest Collective Action initiatives to strengthen business integrity in the health sector. Pursuant to the authors it is imperative leverage these international Collective Action initiatives, particularly as emerging ethical dilemmas in healthcare – from artificial intelligence to data sharing – lie right around the corner.

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