Optimizing risk management using artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data are supporting companions if ethics and and compliance practitioner learn to leverage them correctly. They even could help to develop complex risk management procedures and other tasks important to a high-performing ethics and compliance function.

As an ethics and compliance practitioner, AI is becoming more crucial to your daily work in ways you might not think. That hotline or case management platform you use every day is likely built on a foundation of algorithms and data sets that seek to make your job easier and more effective.

A new whitepaper, published by a working group of the Ethics and Compliance Initiative (ECI), explores the areas where ethics and compliance, big data and artificial intelligence overlap for better or for worse. This paper takes a deep dive into implementing AI processes that can make the work of ethics and compliance practitioners more efficient and even more effective, while also ensuring that the responsible persons account for any negative ethical outcomes that can occur.

More information: https://www.ethics.org/optimizing-risk-assessment-using-artificial-intelligence/

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