New handbook on Swiss corporate compliance

A new Corporate Compliance Handbook was published by Helbing Lichtenhahn on 2 September 2022. The book aims to be the starting point for all organizations in the field of compliance, whether they are public limited companies or foundations, listed on the stock exchange or family-run, global corporations or nationally operating SMEs.

The focus of the handbook is on corporate compliance in the non-regulated area. According to the editors, the book deals with value-based compliance from a practical point of view, considering current ESG issues. For this purpose, this work deals with the essential elements of a compliance management system, the compliance organization, the detection and processing of compliance violations, compliance communication as well as the civil and criminal law consequences for individuals and the company. In addition, specific compliance risks such as money laundering, cartel agreements, tax compliance, data governance and insolvency criminal law are dealt with. Finally, special features in certain industries are highlighted in separate chapters.

The handbook is written by practitioners from various industries (including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, insurance, banking, automotive manufacturing, logistics, energy, communications), public prosecutors, federal criminal judges, auditors and lawyers, as well as professors, with the aim of providing readers with practical assistance for everyday compliance.

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