MLex report: Competition Concerns in the Time of COVID-19

 In order to mitigate the economic blow caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, governments worldwide have taken numerous and different emergency measures to support their national economies. Such measures vary hugely, but almost all have introduced some combination of new competition rules or exemptions, regulatory waivers, state aid packages, tax breaks and/or debt support. This results in a patchwork of global efforts to protect consumers, to help companies survive and to keep industries afloat, while these new rules try at the same time to safeguard against market distortion or concentration, state aids able to distort competition and exploitative acquisitions.

 A new special report by MLex surveys the new competition measures of some key jurisdictions (EU, major European states, US, China, Japan, India, Australia and some Asian countries) and tries to find and to summarise the trends and divergences emerging that might have repercussions for businesses and regulators for the years to come.

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