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Council of Europe’s Data Protection Convention: Swiss Federal Council adopts dispatch

At its meeting on 6th December 2019, the Swiss Federal Council adopted the dispatch on the approval of the Protocol […]

Swiss hotel booking platform violates GDPR information obligation in Austria

In a decision dated 22th August 2019, the Austrian data protection authority obliged an online hotel booking platform based in […]

Samsung Heavy Industries Settles Petrobras FCPA Matter for USD 75 Million

On Friday, 22 November 2019, the U.S. Department of Justice (“DOJ”) announced its settlement with South Korean engineering company Samsung […]

GRP releases the ESG Index 2019: Europe regresses but remains the top performer

Global Risk Profile (GRP), a Swiss company specializing in third-party risk management related services, has released the second edition of […]

EU Issues Guidance on Internal Compliance Programs for Dual-Use Trade Controls

Background and Principles The European Commission recently published a non-binding guidance with recommendations on internal compliance programs (ICPs) for dual-use […]

The GDPR vs. Anti-Bribery Due Diligence

In a newly published podcast, Paul Lavery of Irish law firm McCann FitzGerald discusses the conflict between the GDPR’s emphasis […]

Best practices for choosing the right data privacy software

Burgeoning regulatory requirements protecting personal information and increased consumer interest in privacy rights have fostered a growth industry over the […]

Third Annual Privacy Shield Review Confirms EU Commission’s Adequacy Decision

The European Union Commission has issued a report on its findings from the third annual Privacy Shield review, which took place in […]

New Release: 2019 TRACE Matrix and Bribery Risk Typology

The American anti-bribery business association TRACE announced the release of its 2019 Bribery Risk Matrix, which measures business bribery risk in […]

Swedish data protection authority imposes first fine under GDPR for using facial recognition software

The Swedish data protection authority (Datainspektionen, DPA) imposed for the first time a fine for a breach of the EU […]