Five Questions Every E&C Professional Should Ask Themselves

The Ethics and Compliance (hereinafter “E&C”) space is a rapidly shifting, accelerating field of work and study that is affecting an expanding number of industries and organisations. In order to thrive during this time of expansion and change, it is crucial for the industry to attract talent with diverse backgrounds and experiences. It is also important that E&C practitioners develop a wide array of soft and hard skills, continuing their professional development throughout the course of their careers.

But why should the best and brightest professionals seek out careers in the E&C profession? What training will they need, and what skills and abilities are most vital to their success today and in the future? Will their experience in E&C help future career advancement into high-level positions outside of E&C? The Ethics and Compliance Initiative conducted a survey of E&C professionals and summarised its results in a newly published white paper. Its purpose is to help E&C professionals to take stock personally of their careers, to guide young professionals seeking careers in E&C and to tell a “coming of age” story of this maturing profession. Pursuant to this report, by asking him/herself five questions, every E&C professional can chart a path for his/her professional success, determine what steps he/she can take to advance and fully understand the changes that are taking place in the industry that could affect his/her career.

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