FATF attests Switzerland to progress in strengthening measures to tackle money laundering and terrorist financing

Since the 2016 assessment of Switzerland’s measures to tackle money laundering and terrorist financing, the country has taken a number of actions to strengthen its framework. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an inter-governmental body established in 1989, attests Switzerland that the country has been in an enhanced follow-up since 2016. In line with the FATF Procedures for mutual evaluations, the country has reported to the FATF on the actions it has taken since then.

To reflect Switzerland’s progress, the FATF has now re-rated the country on the several Recommendations by the FATF. The FATF now rates Switzerland compliant on 8 Recommendations and largely compliant on 27 Recommendations.  It is remains partially compliant on 5 Recommendations. Therefore, Switzerland will continue to report to FATF on its progress.

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