Thinking Like a Scientist: Building a Modern Ethics and Compliance Program

Thinking Like a Scientist: Building a Modern Ethics and Compliance Program, 14 March at 17:00h in Zurich

Join the discussion in Zurich on 14 March at 17:00h at  Ernst & Young LLP, Maagplatz 1, CH-8010 Zürich

Event: First, we’ll define what it means for compliance professionals to “think like a scientist”—and then we’ll share stories, studies, and real-life examples to underscore the power of scientific thinking. We’ll also cover what it means to be “human-centered” and “data-driven” when it comes to compliance, both in terms of mind-set and practice—and why these concepts are key to building a modern ethics and compliance program.


Zach Coseglia is the co-founder and managing principal of R&G Insights Lab. Zach is an experienced litigator, investigator, and former compliance executive; he is also a thought leader on compliance analytics and organizational culture. Before founding the Lab, Zach held senior legal and compliance positions at Pfizer, including as Vice President and Global Head of Monitoring, Analytics and Digital Compliance; and as Assistant General Counsel and Chief Investigations Counsel for Asia Pacific, based in Beijing. While at Pfizer, Zach built an industry-leading compliance analytics program that transformed the Company’s approach to compliance and risk management. His experience as an in-house leader inspired his vision for the Lab’s innovative, multidisciplinary approach to compliance.

Hui Chen is a Senior Advisor within R&G Insights Lab and an international leader and expert in organizational integrity. She was the first Compliance Expert at the U.S. Department of Justice, and authored the “Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs” document that redefined compliance expectations. She began her career as a federal prosecutor in the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. and the Eastern District of New York. Hui has extensive in-house experience as a senior legal and compliance leader at Microsoft Corporation, Pfizer Inc., and Standard Chartered Bank, in locations across the globe including Munich, New York, Beijing and London.

R&G Insights Lab is an innovative, full-service compliance and culture consulting group—and the legal industry’s first combined analytics and behavioral science practice. The Lab was founded on the premise that compliance is not an exclusively legal, regulatory, or enforcement exercise—even if it’s often treated that way. Instead, it a deeply human exercise that increasingly demands data-driven solutions. R&G Insights Lab, therefore, takes a human centered and data-driven approach to compliance, with a multidisciplinary team that combines legal and traditional compliance know-how with expertise in behavioral science, cultural psychology, data analytics, and creativity.

This event is organised by WG on Life Sciences.

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  • Thinking Like a Scientist: Building a Modern Ethics and Compliance Program
    14 March 2024
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Ernst & Young LLP
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