Decision Making in Health Care Compliance

Join the discussion on 5th March in Zürich at 17:00h – Decision Making in Health Care Compliance

Not all companies have the same culture and philosophy with regards to compliance risks. With regards to business decision making and accountability, some companies believe in training the employees and trust that employees will make the right decision; other companies believe in a shared responsibility between Compliance and the business (“compliance as an advisor”) and in other companies certain business transactions can’t be executed unless approved by Compliance.

In this session we would like to provide you with a snapshot of the development over time when it comes to decision making/compliance philosophy , explore with you what factors determine the compliance philosophy and have an interactive discussion with the participants why in their organization with regards to healthcare compliance (i.e. interactions with healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations and patient organizations such as sponsoring, congress, advisory boards, donations, patient assistance programs etc.) a particular compliance philosophy was chosen. In order to make it concrete and not discuss philosophical we would suggest to initially focus on particular interactions with HCPs, HCOs but could imagine to have additional face to face or virtual sessions to also evaluate the other interactions.

The benefit for the participants is to hear what healthcare compliance philosophies are chosen by other companies and why thereby reflecting on their own choices.


Alex Fuchs, Regional Compliance Officer for Seagen assigned at Pfizer. Alex works since 2 months at Seagen and before 6 Years at Biogen as Standards & Governance senior manager for the Swiss Affiliate.

Patrick Wellens, Co-chair of WG life science, Global Compliance business partner at Bayer (9 years), previously with Merck KgaA and Deloitte advising life science companies

Date: March 5th from 17.00-18.00

Location: Bayer Schweiz AG, Uetlibergstrasse 132 (first floor- meeting room 120), 8045 Zürich

Note: there will be a limitation of 20 participants. Last minute cancellations are not very well perceived as you potentially take a spot away from others.

Looking forward to the discussion.

WG Life Sciences , Patrick and Alex

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  • Decision Making in Health Care Compliance
    5 March 2024
    5:00 PM - 6:00 PM


Bayer Schweiz AG
Uetlibergstrasse 132, First floor- meeting room 120, Zurich, 8045, Switzerland