WG Whistleblowing

The Working Group (WG) Whistleblowing startet its activities with a kick off conference call on 16 February 2015. The WG is co-chaired by Daniel Lucien Bühr and Zora Ledergerber.

The WG drafted a whitepaper on Whistleblowing comparing the Swiss legislative proposal on Whistleblowing  to international best legislative, operational practice and standards. The WG also established a best practice Guideline on speak-up processes and culture.

The WG organises meetings and presentations on new developments and best practices regarding reporting mechanisms.


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Zurich, 15 September 2016. More than 30 ECS members and guests listened to the presentation by Mr Eric-Serge Jeannet, Vice-Director at the Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO), who presented the mandate given to the SFAO and its role as the manager of the Swiss Confederation’s whistleblowing site. Mr Jeannet presented the SFAO’s five-year experience with whistleblowing reports and presented in general terms some major cases of misconduct that were successfully investigated. Mr Jeannet explained the types and nature of incoming reports (about 60 a year) as well as the handling of reports. He also provided the audience with an interesting insight into the plans to further develop and strengthen its reporting mechanism. The event closed with a stimulating debate on the strengths and the weaknesses of the reporting mechanisms at the Federal Government and possibilities to better coordinate and professionalise the reporting mechanism(s) at federal level, including the pending legislative protection of whistleblowers. The event closed with a networking apéro.

Basel, 7 July 2016. ECS releases Guidelines on speak-up procedures

Basel, 3 September 2015. New Project ECS WG Whistleblowing

Basel, 30 April 2015. ECS releases Whitepaper on Whistleblower Legislation in Switzerland

Basel, 30. April 2015. Download ECS Whitepaper