Can better governance help space lift off?

As space around Earth becomes an increasingly congested and contested domain, its system of governance experiences new growing pains. If these pain points are not addressed, they could limit the sustainable use and development of space. To identify these specific challenges, Giacomo GAtto and Alyssa Goessler mapped global space governance institutions across a range of space law and policy topics. According to the authors, in doing so, they identified five issues (not exhaustive) that could have a significant impact on the development of the space economy: i) unintentional interference (the temporary or permanent disruption of another space operator’s activities), ii) safe operations (threats to space infrastructure and human space travelers, resulting from the natural and human-made hazards of the space environment), iii) property rights and usage (legal issues relating to the use and sale of human-made space objects, resources, and intellectual property derived from space activities), iv) liability (the lack of clarity and agreement surrounding responsibility for damages caused in space or on Earth by space objects), and v) data use and sharing (the challenge of sharing and exploiting data in a secure and equitable manner). A recently published article explores these issues.

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