Online Compliance Congress – IFCA

16 Nov – 20 Nov 2020 – ECS supported a Week-Long Online Compliance Congress

As a member of IFCA, the global umbrella of national compliance organizations, ECS is proud to have supported this year’s IFCA global congress, which this year was entirely online.

ECS members had the opportunity to get a 50% discount off the registration fee (USD75 instead of USD150).  The registration fee covered all sessions for the entire week.  Non-ECS members had to pay the full fee but they could also participate on daily basis for USD20.

The sessions were live or pre-recorded and covered a variety of compliance subjects. ECS’ representative to IFCA, Vice-Chairman Gabe Shawn Varges, says:  “With presenters from around the world, this event provided ECS members a good opportunity to compare notes on compliance practices in different countries”.

Link to the event: