Annual Meeting of Members 2020

12 November 2020 – Annual General Meeting and Presentations – online

Online due to the recent development of the Covid – 19 situation

1. Annual Meeting of Members (15.30 to 16.00h) 

2. Main presentation: Dr Kateryna Boguslavska – Trade-based money laundering and country risks of money laundering/The Basel AML Index (16.00 to 16.30h) 

Ms Boguslavska is Project Manager Basel AML Index at the Basel Institute on Governance.

3. Quickfire Updates by ECS Working Groups (16.30 to 17.30h)

a) WG Life-Sciences – The revised Therapeutics Act: Integrity and transparency rules for a “late” industry? Introduction and moderation by Co-Chairs Prof. Dr Claudia Seitz and Patrick Wellens

b) WG Whistleblowing – Tweets, chats, blogs – Have companies lost the game? Will in future everyone be a whistle-blower? Introduction and moderation by Co-Chairs Prof. Dr Christian Hauser and Walter Mäder

c) WG Leadership, Communications and Talent Management Compliance and the Corona Virus and other Key International Developments. Presentation and moderation by Gabe Shawn Varges, Chairman of the Working Group

d) Q&A with the Chairpersons of the Working Groups:

      • Anti-Bribery
      • CMS/ISO Standards
      • Return on Compliance
      • Investigations
      • NGOs and International Organisations