WG Life Sciences Events

17 September 2020 – Working with a Monitor a – case study from the Medtech industry

Our speakers, Babila Gipponi, Head of Compliance Europe for Getinge (Medtech company) as well as Kaisa Karvonen, Head of Forensic Risk Alliance in Switzerland, gave insights on companies preparing for and dealing with a compliance monitor.  They shared with us first-hand experience what it is like to work with a monitor (what are the challenges/frustrations), how a monitor conducts the assessment and initiates proposed actions to close the gaps, how employees should behave and relate during a monitorship, cost considerations relevant to a monitorship and what are the key take-aways for other companies in the life science industry.

14 September 2020 – From FMCG to Life-Science – E&C challenge, contribution, and learnings

Speaker: Charles Pare, Head Compliance EU West
Our guest speaker gave insights into the transformation from an FMCG to a life science company and the related compliance challenges. He also elaborated on some of the different aspects of behavioural science applied to shape ethics and compliance support.

 19 August 2020 –  Third Party Compliance Monitoring and Auditing

Speakers: Rayna Wong, former Director OUS Compliance Monitoring, Amgen
Marie Vlasek, Compliance Officer, International Partner Markets, Biogen International GmbH
Our guest speakers, having established third party compliance monitoring programs in their respective organizations, shared their experiences with us. These included navigating internal and external stakeholder management, making the transition from a pilot phase to a core compliance program and the key drivers and outcomes of each program. Afterwards Patrick Wellens led the discussion to gather further insights from the group, understand how monitoring activities are adapting in the face of travel restrictions and to formulate best practices for companies setting up similar programs in the future.

12 June 2020 –  Social Credit System in China – a different perspective on third party management

Speaker: Ralf Rehfuss
With numerous life science companies have an important presence in China, we want to focus on the Social Credit System (SCS) in China. Numerous stories have appeared about China´s Social Credit System and the “scoring” of individuals, however it is important to understand that the SCS also applies to companies operating in China and therefore will impact the way on how companies will conduct third party due diligence. As such each Compliance officer should have an understanding of its implications.

05 June 2020 – Ordinance on Integrity and Transparency in the field of medicinal products

What pitfalls or challenges did we encounter when implementing the new legislation?
 Alex Fuchs from Biogen shared some insights and experiences after which we had an interactive discussion.

05 May 2020 – Third Party Management

A presenter from Deloitte gave us insight into the drivers of and challenges when implementing third party risk management solutions. Afterwards Patrick Wellens moderated some polling questions and led the discussion on what kind of risk domains are part of third party due diligence screening in companies, which of those are managed by legal and compliance, whether companies have an integrated solution and/or whether for various risks various tools are being used.