WG Leadership, Communications and Talent Management Events

04 September 2020 – 5th ECS End of the Summer Roundtable and Networking Drinks

The topic of discussion was,“Workplace Stress and the Compliance Officer”
Our interactive roundtable took place in Zurich Stadelhofen and was followed by networking drinks at a nearby locale. The event was sponsored by the WG Leadership, Communications, and Talent Management.

15 May 2020 – “Compliance and the Corona Virus”

The ECS Working Group on Leadership, Communications, and Talent Management invited ECS members and guests to celebrate together during these challenging times. The discussion-based webinar focussed on the particular challenges compliance functions are facing as their companies work to cope with the Covid-19-related economic and other pressures. In addition to facilitating an exchange of practices, frustrations, and successes, the virtual cocktail hour provided everyone some online company and motivation.  There was a prize for whomever had the most creative drink during the Webinar!