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Can certification help with due diligence on third parties? Roundtable on 19 November in Zurich

The Basel Institute on Governance is starting a new research project thanks to the KBA Integrity Fund and would like to ask companies large and small to assist and benefit from the results of the research once it’s complete.

The aim of this work is to help companies improve quality assurance relating to 3rd party due diligence on parties that operate in markets known for corruption risks, where they are acting on behalf of your company (such as agents or intermediaries – broadly defined).

We’re also keen to understand whether your company ever relies on local certification of 3rd parties as part of your due diligence, and what influences your decisions on this question.

To understand these issues as you seek to obtain and verify information from these types of third parties, we’d like to hear your views, experiences and specific needs regarding the collection of due diligence information in emerging markets at a meeting in:

Zurich on 19 November from 4pm to 6pm with light refreshments afterwards. (Venue details to be announced).

Please register here.

Please note that we won’t be using your contact details for anything else. This meeting is free of charge and we will only be accepting companies, no vendors or providers of compliance advisory services (sorry!), we need to hear the private sector unfiltered.

If you’re unable to join in person, we will organize a dial-in to the meeting –  please indicate this on the registration form.

Chatham House rules will apply, and no company name will be identified in any of the research, this discussion session is purely for background information purposes. We will share the end results and outputs with everyone who participates, and appreciate your assistance.

For more information on this project please click here or don’t hesitate to contact or

We do hope you can join us!