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Meeting of the Working Group CMS/ISO on 16 September 2019

On September 16, the Working Group CMS/ISO held its second meeting this year, with a focus on International Standardization and Recent Key Developments.

Daniel Bühr provided an overview of the relevant standardization bodies, the ongoing work of the ISO Technical Committee 309 and in particular the latest status of the new Guidance for the Governance of Organizations (new ISO Standard 37000), the new Guidelines on Whistleblowing Management Systems (new ISO Standard 37002) and the changes to ISO Standard 19600 on Compliance Management Systems from a guidance standard to a requirements standard (new ISO Standard 37301, expected 2020/2021).

Daniel Bühr then explained how all public and corporate members of SNV (Schweizerische Normenvereinigung) can actively participate in the development of these important international standards and what the process looks like (participation in the Swiss mirror committee – NK207 – and engaging as SNV delegate in the international expert committees).

The presentation may be found here.

The presentation was followed by a lively discussion on the standards, the replacement/improvement of the 3 Lines of Defense concept by the international management systems and the relevance of independent certification in future. The event was followed by a networking apéro.