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ECS WG Investigations Meeting, 7 March 2019: Efficiency, Cost and Quality Control in Internal Investigations

Civil, criminal, regulatory and reputational exposure regularly triggers a company’s duty to launch an internal investigation in order to assess potential compliance issues. It is a major challenge to effectively control the mounting costs of an investigation and at the same time ensure top quality work. What steps can you take during planning, execution and in the aftermath of the investigation in order to ensure efficiency and to control costs of an internal investigation, in particular when the stakes are high?

Dr. Claudia Götz Staehelin, partner at the Swiss law firm Kellerhals Carrard, provided us with her insights into approaches how to ensure the quality of an investigation while ensuring efficiency and effectively managing costs. Claudia drew from her vast experience as the former Head of Litigation at Novartis. In that role, she led large multi-jurisdictional investigations and advised senior management on company investigation and litigation risks as well as on financial and reputational impact.

Following Claudia’s presentation, a distinguished expert panel and the audience reflected and discussed further.