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ECS Working Group event: Independent Audit and Certification of CMS in Switzerland, 24 August 2017

Thursday, 24 August 2017, 5:00pm, at LALIVE, Stampfenbachplatz 4, Zurich

Working Group Co-Chairs Dominique Casutt and Daniel Bühr will open the round table event by sharing their general experience from Compliance Management System audits (both are accredited CMS auditors). Then, Matthias Kiener, Partner, Advisory Forensic with KPMG, Zurich, will introduce us to CMS audits under IDW Audit Standard 980. The presentation will be followed by a discussion (under Chatham House rules).

All those interested in independent CMS audits and certification, trends in Switzerland and internationally, the growing importance of standards, the effects of certification requirements on suppliers etc. are very welcome to join this event. Please register by sending an email to The discussion will be followed by an apéro at 6:00pm.